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  2. Monday October, 6th, 2014
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  4. Friday March, 21st, 2014
    Act Two!!!

    Act Two!!!

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  6. Friday March, 21st, 2014
    Sarah sings “Both Sides Now”   @honaleenyc

    Sarah sings “Both Sides Now” @honaleenyc

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  8. Monday March, 17th, 2014
    "It was an amazing evening for all of us here in Huntsville. I’ve had several calls already today asking whether (and when) we can get the band to come back again! We enjoyed every minute and are anxious to start making plans for next year!"

    Olde Town Theater, Hunstville, TX

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  10. Monday March, 17th, 2014
    Photo by Kate Stone

    Photo by Kate Stone